Finding the right colorway for a shoe is very gauche. There are literally thousands of shoes in every colorway style and shape, making it very easy to get lost.

Some colors are more popular than others. If you do not see a shoe in one of these popular colors, then probably go for another color instead. It is the seller’s choice to offer what they have on sale, so what they charge you is what they make.

In order to match shoes with clothes, you must know which parts of the body those pieces belong on and which colors go with those areas. For example, if you are wearing a black dress with a black belt, then your shoes must be black and the same goes for the dress!

This article will talk about some basic ways to match shoes color with clothes, including how much lacing should there be, how high of a platform they need, and which materials should be used.

Consider the color of your eyes

how to match shoes color with clothes

When choosing shoes, consider the color of your eyes. This is a very relevant one to note as fashion is a very cool color theme!

If you are wearing bright colors, choose darker shades to match. For example, if you are wearing a bright red or pink outfit, pick black or another dark color shoes to enhance the impression of intense personality that you are projecting.

The better fitted your feet are, the more color you can add onto your shoes. More costuming wise, more colored shoes can increase your wattage. In this way, more people see your personal style and get attracted to it due to them being colorful with footwear.

For example, if you were going to wear brown leather shoes with an orange sock that matched those pants that you are looking at, then those pants would look much better with some colored boots on top to complete the effect of them being very stylish.

Look at the colors of your clothes

how to match shoes color with clothes

Some colors look great together and create gorgeous looks. Other colors look nice together but not very fashionable. If you like these looks, then you should invest in them.

If not, then you can try looking at the colors of shoes to find a match. Phat banks and stylish clothing stores have many pairs of dress shoes with different colorings to find a match.

Some people find this process fun and inspiring. For others, it is too much attention-grabbing or frustrating to keep up when it does not work for them.

Use a color wheel to match colors

how to match shoes color with clothes

The color wheel exists for a reason. It helps in easily matching colors and finding colors that are a match for your shoes.

There are many well-known color theory systems such as the RGB (red-green-blue) computer system, the HEX (horizontal-incremental-extend) system used in fashion, and even physical materials like pearl or garnet.

To use the color wheel, pick one property you want to match and focus on that property. For example, using the white, pick one aspect that makes you happy about how your clothing looks white.

Using different sized boxes in the color wheel, mix and match sizes of properties to find matches.

Keep it simple, sassy and sophisticated

how to match shoes color with clothes

If you are going for a soft, whimsical look, choose very bright and fun colors. If you are looking for a more sophisticated and serious look, pick darker colors. If you are going for a sleek, cool look, choose lighter colors.

Many well-known fashionista platforms have created color schemes that are always #ffffff, or white, black, and gray. These color codes are popular because they are easy to recognize and match up to many outfits.

If you are new to matching shoes with colored clothes, start off with ones that are about the same size and same color.

Know your season

Seasonal clothes are a fun way to look at new things to do. While some people may not necessarily identify these items as fashion, the effects are still worth checking out.

Seasonal clothes are a way to experiment. You can find new looks every season, or you can find some great combinations. For example, white shoes with colorful patches or jerseys that matches very well with a leather overcoat.

These combinations add some fun details to your looks and are a way to transition into the new season.

It is also a way to preserve history if the previous season was strong in terms of fashion trends. You can still invest in what you want to wear and put on display for whoever!

Knowing which season a piece of clothing is in will help match it correctly with other items in my wardrobe.

Know your mood

how to match shoes color with clothes

Not all colors are created equal when it comes to looking and feelng. There are many ways to match color, and ones to stay away from.

Including black, bright colors, and shoes that look like dressy clothes. Since these clothes usually do not match well. You are better off staying away from the bright colors.

Including darker colors like red or burgundy shoes. These colors look great together! Try one pair of each color to see if you are right.

Including very colorful shoes such as nude or some form of neutral colored shoes. These can be very obvious which is which because of the contrast in color.

Try on different shoes to see how they look with different clothes

how to match shoes color with clothes

This is a great way to see what shoes look good on you before you purchase them! When you are able to match the shoes with the clothes that are similar in shape, size, and style, it will help you save money!

Many brands have sample sizes available for people who do not have a very large foot size. If you have a narrow foot, this might work for you. The salesperson can test them on your other feet to make sure they work for your feet.