A spa bath is a relaxing, post-exercise or mid-workout ritual. Many find it beneficial as a dry-down or start to a new day of wellness.

Spa baths are typically had in a heated chamber where water is heated and placed on wet skin. The water also has certain agents added that nourish and soften the skin.

The massager or bath tool helps you get your bathing experience. Some use fancy gloves, another set of hands, a towel, and/or a massage oil. You can get really basic or really great with with a steam bath tool.

Getting your spa bath done is just as important as the experience.

How does a foot spa work?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

A foot spa works by placing one or more feet in it. Then, a bath massage massager such as a Oflexispa Steam Foot Spa Bath Massager Telephone, is placed on your feet to massage the feet.

The bath masseger then uses a wireless technology to transmit its massage onto the feet. The process can take some time, so take your time to get ready before it starts!

After getting your feet nice and warm, you then sit or walk around until it feels like you are floating and relaxing. This is also done in conjunction with a foot massage, so if your feet are not very warm enough, then that part of the treatment does not come through.

This product is perfect for those who do not always have access to a bathroom or shower when they want to relax and get refreshed.

What comes with this Forlexispa steam foot spa bath massager?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

The Forlexispa steam spa bath massager comes with two large ceramic plates. One plate is for your feet and the other plate is for your body. You can put either one in and let it work!

You can use this along with a shower to get a great massage. It also works great as a replacing the bed in the guest room. You can put this on any flat surface and walk away!

This massage tool is perfect for people who have trouble getting out of bed or who just want a nice bath after their day of spa relaxation. This will help you feel great all day long!

The second important part of this product is the wall plug. You must use this to keep heat in or out of your house. This allows you to go into thermostat mode and control how warm or cold your bath feels.

What oils come with this Forlexispa steam foot spa bath massager?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

Oflexispa offers three types of oils for your steam bath massage: Shea, Coconut, and Avocado. These oils can be changed daily to create your own massage oil!

We suggest using a light weight avocado oil for your massage as it may be hard to tell if it is working or not. If you feel that it is working but not always, then maybe adding more may help.

Shea butter may seem difficult to change with some products, but it only takes a few seconds of time to scrape off the old butter and add the new one. It may also seem like a lot of work, but this can be helpful for later relaxation.

Oflexispa claims that their steam bath massagers are “smart” as they recognize when you are done with them and heat the water down so that you do not have to repeat yourself.

Is the water hot in this Forlexispa steam foot spa bath massager?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

If so, then you can enjoy beautiful steamy baths. If not, then you can still enjoy this bath product.

Like all steam bath products, this product requires some kind of water source to operate. This water source is the steam produced by the spa massager.

The Forlexispa Steam Massage Bath Tool has a Kaplaninscent property that makes your bath water smell wonderful. The tool also requires electricity to work which means you must have a regular supply available.

Can I use this anywhere?

The biggest question most people have about Oflexispa Steam Foot Spa Bath Massagers is whether or not they can be used at the pool or at the beach. Both questions and answers are important to answer!

At the pool, steam bath massages are a fun way to get your whole body worked on. It is also convenient to have this feature during swimming practice or during downtime after practice.

At the beach, steam baths are one of the top bathing practices people do. The heat of the sun and relaxing effects of a steam bath make for a great combination. Many enjoy this both before and after socializing in public bathrooms or shower facilities.

Oflexispa has two models that can be used at the beach. The first is a battery operated model that you can plug into an outlet. The second is an attached hand held device that you can use in water or on dry land.

How long does the battery last in this Forlexispa steam foot spa bath massager?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

Like most rechargeable products, the battery in this product can get overthrust and/or dis-charge. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the power and temperature settings to ensure it is functioning correctly.

To prevent problems such as overheating or burnt feet, the foot spa must be set on a cold surface to maintain a temperature. If the feet feel hot, then that is likely enough that it is working!

If you notice your feet are staying warm for longer than expected, this may be a problem solver. You can set it up slightly hotter or colder if this is the case!

This product is not recommend for very young feet as the temperature setting may not be adequate.

Does it come with a charger?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

If so, you’ll be able to recharge it after use. Many steam bath masseurs and spa bath massaers come with a charger, though it may not have been made clear in the description.

When an item is plugged in, it must be charged before being used. Some chargers do not allow you to change the temperature settings, which is why some recommend using a different charger if the one they came with was not working.

If your Tolexispa Steam Foot Spa Massagerventh does come with a charger, you’ll be able to set the temperature setting on it right away! Many people forget about this part of the assembly process, which is why it is helpful to have a second one around for when things do not work out the first time.

How much pressure does it put on your feet?

oflexispa steam foot spa bath massager

The beastly Oflexispa is not just a foot massage tool, it is also a steam bath massager. You can use this next to your bed or on the floor for massage.

When you place your feet in the springy foot spa, it will begin to heat up and pressure the feet. This will help give you a more relaxing foot massage.

The steam Bath Massager can put out as much as 12 inches of steam per day! That is a whole lot of time to be relaxin!

This product can be used in the bath, on the skin, or even used as a pillow top.