Today we are going to talk about how to set time on a smart watch. This is the next step in using a smart watch. You can set time by the calendar or by the Aerospace Affected Time System (AATPS).

The AATPS is an international standard for setting time. It uses a twelve-hour clock with a two-hour break in the middle. This feature makes it easy to set time on a smart watch.

The eleven-digit number that AATPS uses to set time is called the Universal Time (UT). It is calculated and stored as an integer, so your computer or device can use it.

Many companies use the AATPS for their devices because it makes setting time easy.

Remove plastic coverings

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Once your smart watch is charged, you can take it off. You will see a blue LED light up when you do so.

Now, you can set the time or date! This process is the same for removing and adding a phone to your plan. You have to do it once before your account gets set up, and then once after!

You cannot use the smart watch for hours where the display is off, because the battery will not charge enough. Make sure to charge it at night or on a day where you will have little time to spend on it!

Many companies offer deals where you can get extra smart watches for free.

Put watch near phone time to set

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Most smart watches have a set of sensors called time chips. You can put your smart watch near your phone to set the Zeitgeber time by pressing and holding the screen for a few seconds and then releasing to display the time.

This is useful if you want to use your watch as a alarm or for notifications!

By having these time chips, your watch can automatically determine how long you were looking at it and how much activity you were doing on it. This is great for fitness trackers, since they calculate how much sleep you get each night and how active you are in terms of sleep, so they can give you an alert that reminds you to get enough rest.

These chips are also useful for non- fitness devices like watches that keep track of daily tasks like setting the coffee maker tells you when it needs coffee next day.

Open phone app

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Once your smart watch is opened, you can then set the time. You can do this by tapping the clock at the top left of your smart watch.

You can also go to your phone’s setting and select set time on device. Once selected, you can then set the time and date on your smart watch.

Either way, once time is set, you must then ensure that the device is connected to a power source for it to remain in time mode. Once this has happened, you can then check the time on your smart watch.

If you want to change how fast or slow the clock on your smart watch is, then there are several apps that let you do that. One example is Time Zone Central which has different zones setup for timesaving purposes.

Select clock icon

smart watch lw11 how to set time

When your smart watch has reached its daily time of day, it will display a white screen with a black clock icon. This is where you can set the time.

Set the Time When the Screen Shows a Clock

You can change the time by going to your smart watch’s settings. There are several ways to set the time on your smart watch, but the way to do it depends on the model. Some models have a dedicated setting button or menu option.

Once you select the correct setting, you can change the color, show or hide a minute hand, and select an hour or a day of use.

Find model number

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Most smart watches have a model number that the user can enter into their device. This is usually located in the main menu and can be selected to update its information such as the temperature of the watch or an app.

This number can be tricky to find as some devices have different numbers for functions. Users should always check their model number to see if a function has been disabled or added!

Some numbers have been added to prevent people from selling low quality smart watches by using them. If you happen to find one of these on a sale watch, buy it immediately! They may not work next day due to shipping issues.

Checking your model number will also help you determine which function functions your watch has.

Enter model number

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Most smart watches have a model number that is printed on the watch face. This number must be entered when setting up the device for timehentication.

This number needs to be entered when connecting with a clock app, creating an account, and setting up notifications. Once these details are entered, it will function as a time tracker!

Some models do not have a model number on the watch face and cannot be set up using this method. If this is the case, try looking at the back of the watch for the numbers. Some find using a phone app to set up the deviceworks, but you will need to manually activate notifications if you want them to work.

Set time manually

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Most smart watches have a time feature which allows you to set the time by tapping on the hour mark or by pressing a button at the same time. This is also called time telling or timing.

Update software

smart watch lw11 how to set time

Once your watch has a software update, you will need to install it. Update the watch by going to the upper right hand corner of your smart watch, clicking on the gear icon, and then updating.

This will download and install the latest software for your device. Take your watch off and then go back up to the gear icon and click on update. This will take a few minutes to complete.

Once it does, you will see a message that says “Update completed” at the bottom of your screen.