A spa treatment is always a treat. There are so many different kinds of spa treatments you can have, and every type of spa has their own special formula for a treatment.

Many times, the more exclusive the treatment, the more expensive it is. However, if you are looking to relax and enjoy yourself, then this price is worth it.

A true blue Spa cream is one that reduces stress and improves your overall health. It reduces pain while boosting your skin firmness which helps your feet feel better.

The term true blue can be misleading because it might suggest something dark or cold. This does not match its foot cream which is warm and soothing in nature. It also does not look like any other foot cream out there because it is true blue.

Helps reduce calluses

true blue spa foot cream

Calluses can happen for a number of reasons: hard-surfaced shoes, overuse of toe polish, or repeated shoe removal. Thankfully, this cream helps reduce the appearance of calluses.

Spa foot creams contain natural ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil that are blended together to form a thick cream. When applied to the feet, it helps soften the skin and reduce the appearance of calluses.

This cream works well as it is not too thick or liquidy. It also needs to be used consistently for four–six weeks before it benefitsly softens the feet.

Moisturizes feet

true blue spa foot cream

Moisturizing foot creams have been a trendy way to keep your feet soft and moisturized. As the name suggests, moisturizing foot creams contain oils that prevent dry skin and rough feet.

There are many brands selling these products, so you do not need to buy one that you would use on your own personal feet. It is also safe to use on other people’s feet as it was not designed for human feet only.

Some companies mix their foot cream with other oils such as vitamin A or C so it can be applied on the hands or face as well. This is so it can be applied on wet or dry feet, which prevents cracking and drying which makes the cream useless.

An important part of using this type of cream is to always keep your shoes on while being brushed and worn out parts are being worn out.

Contains peppermint oil

true blue spa foot cream

As we discussed in bullet point 1, feet are one of the most commonly touched body parts in wetn wildspa environments. This is true not only among spa customers but also in commercial foot spaces such as at shopping centers and major streets with pedicures and massage stations.

Because of this, it is important to keep your feet healthy. Peppermint oil is a great skin brightener that can help reduce dry skin and promote excellent foot cream adherence.

It also has slightMDMA traces, which are unlikely to cause any side effects if used in small amounts. Although not recommended, some people can enjoy the cooling effect of an oil on their feet even while wearing shoes.

However, if someone was about to get a pedicure or massage, then they should certainly purchase true blue spa foot cream because of the trace amounts of MDMA. It will not affect the quality of the service but will likely change how people feel about your business.

Long-lasting formula

True Blue Spa Foot Cream is another spa-quality product that lasts forever. Unlike some other creams that break down within a few days, this one stays in your body for hours!

This cream contains chamomile, which increases circulation and works to soften and smooth the skin around your feet. It also contains soy lecithin, which helps to emulsify the cream and contain within the teen’s skin.

The teen’s feet need to be dry before applying the cream, so use a foot lotion dryer or a hot shower before applying the cream. Once applied, let it sit for at least fifteen minutes before walking on it to apply any warmth.

Easy to use tube packaging

true blue spa foot cream

True Blue Spa Foot Cream is a easy to use tube cream. You just need to slot the cream into your feet and massage in. It also comes in a pod form which you place under your feet to dispense the cream.

The pod form is better as it allows you more space to spread the cream out and apply it onto your feet. The tube has gotta go days, let alone weeks of use.

The Pod version has been my go-to foot cream for the past month and a half! I love that it does not dry out my feet as quickly, it smells nice and true blue, and it is much cheaper than the tube version.

Cost effective product

true blue spa foot cream

Realised by running a spa therapy business, this true blue spa foot cream is cost effective. It can be purchased at most spas as it is typically placed inside warm water and applied to the feet.

When applied, the cream should be left on for at least ten minutes before checking on the result. The cream should then be Left on for up to an hour before washing off in the shower or bath.

The cream should be used twice a week as daily use will cause dryness and Feet to stick together causing difficulty in removing the cream. weekly use will prevent such Feet from breaking which would cause you problems when walking or doing anything such as standing or running.

By using this cost effective product daily it will help keep your feet healthy and true blue spa foot cream ensures that they are not dry or hard.

Smells great!

true blue spa foot cream

When true blue spa foot cream is done right, it can make your feet smell like summer for days. That is a pretty strong reward, right?

The way this cream is made means that it contains lots of rich oils that are combined with natural sweeteners to create the creamy base. This makes it much more pleasant to apply and subsequently use on your feet.

To create the minty scent, some ingredients such as spearmint are used. Other smells such as lavender or vanilla are omitted. All you really know its true blue spa foot cream when you arefoot massage agent is present.

warty spa foot creme has been known to help people with many foot problems including dryness, calluses, and problems with Hobbit feet. It has also been found to prevent people from breaking out of skin dryer treatments.

Works well on dry skin patches too!

true blue spa foot cream

For example, breakouts, dry skin patches or dry feet. Both of these conditions can lead to rough and dry skin with limited affect of the foot cream.

That is why it is important to use a thick foot cream that keeps a soft layer on the feet. The same goes for if you have hard dry feet or limited comfort in general.

The thickening effect of the foot cream helps maintain a more consistent temperature of the feet over time. By staying on for longer periods of time, you are saving more money!

This is very important when buying new foot cremes as they can be expensive to start with.